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pooka_media's Journal

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This is the icon/graphic/art/media journal for 1thilien12anger.

I'll be posting artwork, any hi-res/rare images I find, screencaps, pictures, etc...
I think I'll post some of the more interesting media I use for my artwork too (mainly pictures)

I also have a community pooka_graphics. I'll post some of my work from here, and others will be able to participate. I'll take requests and hold some themes for others to post. So join if you want to participate! :)

This is also a friends only journal. Please comment in the public entry if you want to watch this journal and I'll add you back. Among the things you'll find in this journal are visuals relating to the fandoms included in my interests list below. Those are just a few. Expect icons, wallpapers, artwork, doodles, videos, and more for my obsessions... Anything that serves as eye candy, I'll post. :)

I hope you enjoy what I post and thank you for visiting! :D